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Henry Publishing Group is an open access, multidisciplinary, international online publishing house, where it promotes publishing of the latest research in the fields of science. The Henry Publishing Group publishes the articles of type research, reviews, short communication, theory, editorials etc., to disseminate the knowledge globally. The article quality is standardized by the strictly blinded peer review process. Henry Publishing Groups has been disciplined into biology, physics, chemistry and geology. The researchers unveil the laws of nature to the society by research. Henry Publishing Group intensifies sharing of knowledge to the scientific community and helps for the betterment of society. This lays the best forum for scientists, researchers, surgeons, physicians and pedagogy to communicate strengthen and expands the integrity of original research, also assists for the professional development.

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Henry Publishing Groups is an international peer-reviewed science and medicine journals. It is an Open Access platform to support scientific innovation and advancement in the research community by increasing access to peer-reviewed quality research articles.

We host peer-reviewed journals to serve the scientific and medical community with validated and quality content across the broad range of disciplines, including medicine, clinical science, biology, and R&D. The Henry Publishing Group Member Journal’s Editorial Board and Review Board include experienced PhD-level and MD-level experts, ensuring that Henry Publishing Group Journals maintain the highest standards of scientific rigor. All the articles published in Henry Publishing Group are permanently archived, Freely accessible articles for everyone immediately after publication, providing scientific information. All content is published under the Creative Commons Attribution License.

Presently we are creating a platform to serve the scientific community with 18 international open access peer reviewed Journals.

We cordially invite you to join the scientific community.