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Henry Publishing Group is an open access, multidisciplinary, international online publishing house, where it promotes publishing of the latest research in the fields of science. The Henry Publishing Group publishes the articles of type research, reviews, short communication, theory, editorials etc., to disseminate the knowledge globally. The article quality is standardized by the strictly blinded peer review process. Henry Publishing Groups has been disciplined into biology, physics, chemistry and geology. The researchers unveil the laws of nature to the society by research. Henry Publishing Group intensifies sharing of knowledge to the scientific community and helps for the betterment of society. This lays the best forum for scientists, researchers, surgeons, physicians and pedagogy to communicate strengthen and expands the integrity of original research, also assists for the professional development.

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For new research in the research community, appropriate access of scientific content plays a crucial role. Researchers’ links their research with their universities or organizations such as research funding organization, government organizations etc., so, scientific content on online access not only based on the internet but also on journal subscription with large institutions or their libraries. By increasing the fee of subscription on time, pressure increases on institutions or their libraries. Therefore, institutes or their libraries no longer able to contribute, this leads researchers’ limited access to scientific journals.

To reduce the pressure on institutes or their libraries a new open access model in publications are raised. Open access provides free access to scientific content for general public as well as researchers’. It depends on contributions of the authors as onetime payment for the content.

Henry Publishing Group is an open access publication, its overheads depend on the processing charges and most are covered by funding bodies like universities, organizations etc., in rare cases if funding not available some fee has wavered. Publication is used to cover publishing the article.

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